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Waste Removal in Telford & Wrekin call EBC Waste Recycling

EBC Waste Recycling Waste Removal Specialists Telford & Wrekin

EBC Waste Recycling provide Waste Removal in Telford & Wrekin. We can clear any area of your house or property from just single items to full houses, gardens and garages. At EBC Waste we cover both domestic and commercial waste removal contracts and with over 15 years experience in Waste Recycling and fully licensed and insured you can rest assured you in safe hands when getting you waste removed by us.

We provide Waste Removal and disposal services with a full duty of care. Waste Transfer notes are issued with all waste e services we provide. The ethos we operate by is ZERO to Landfill so all waste removal in telford is tipped at waste transfer stations that can only provide this as well as our team sorting items on site at point of collection to ensure everything goes to correct location.

Waste Removal and what to look for when choosing a waste carrier in Telford & Wrekin

When looking for waste removal in telford its recommended that the first thing you check when looking for a waste company to undertake this work is they hold a Waste Carriers license. This license will be displayed on there waste transfer note they may even have the licence itself on them in form of a card or paper certificate you can check these credentials at the following link. Click here

The above is most fundamental check you need to carry out and also you will require a form of waste carrier note whether this is issued seperatley or in with your invoice but it will carry all the necessary details about the waste removed and who has taken it away and on what vehicle. We cant stress enough how important this is as this enables the likely hood of fly tipping being reduced and leaving yourself exposed unwanted heavy fines and prosecution.

There are two tiers of waste license issued both lower and upper tier all Waste carriers providing Waste removal services in Telford or any County for that matter must hold the upper tier licence. EBC Waste Recycling we hold two Upper tier Waste Carrier Licences which means we are fully Licensed Carrier, Dealer and Brokers. Please checkout are license credentials CBDU76010 / CBDU386216

What Waste do you remove in Telford & Wrekin

At EBC Waste Recycling we are dedicated to waste removal in Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire. We are passionate about Waste Recycling and reducing not only are carbon footprint but assisting you in reducing yours. The team at EBC Waste Recycling clear and remove all kinds of waste the only waste we do not touch is Hazardous material and items such as asbestos these products carry serious health risks to all and must be removed in the correct way to find out more click here.

We can remove a huge amount of items from your property. When it comes to waste removal we remove just about anything from single items such as table, cabinet, cooker to a basket we can take it all. Some items do carry individual charges due to the nature of the material some of the items are made from being very costly to get recycled to give you and idea Mattresses and Fridges and Freezers fall into this category

The best thing we recommend for your waste removal in telford is to message us wit inventory of items if possible. We understand sometimes this isn’t always practical for all and you can also send us a small description with some pictures however we usually only quote these with a estimation unless we specify a fixed priced to you there and then. To get the most accurate quote for your waste removal a visit to site is always deemed best.

Waste Removal Services provide by us in Telford & Wrekin

EBC Waste Recycling’s waste removal in telford & wrekin is very extensive. Waste removal services involve: Waste Collection Telford, Waste Removal Telford, Waste Disposal Telford, Waste Clearance Telford, Waste Removal in Telford

The waste removal in telford can also involve House clearance which is a service we provide and one of dedicated services with its own team now as this service that we fully specialize and cater for click here fro more information about House clearances in telford.

What ever your waste removal in telford needs are call EBC Waste Recycling today to help you clear your unwanted waste in telford & Wrekin.

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