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Profesional House Clearance Services in Coventry & Warickshire

full room on house clearance coventry

In choosing a company like ourselves you can have peace of mind that all of the items removed are handled and disposed of correctly and in guidance and accordance to Environmental  Standards. We are Fully Licensed and Fully insured with RE- USE, RECYCLE & UP - CYCLE being a big focus on what we do. We operate a Zero to Landfill operations policy on all services we provide.

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We don't just turn up and pick through the items selecting the best and taking them away no! We survey the whole property and areas you wish to be cleared and discuss this with you. Once all is agreed and happy we book you in and clear all the areas agreed upon. 

is your Home in need of a Clear out and tidy up?

EBC Waste Recycling are House Clearance Professionals who are fully licensed and insured. We undertake all House Clean and clear outs and tailor are service to meet your full requirements.


We understand and take care and compassion in all bereavement situations we understand the sensitive nature of these clear outs and have full empathy toward helping you during these times.

Have you had a tenant up and leave or come to end of a tenancy? But the property or house vacated has been left with unwanted items or in a mess and state we are here to help contact us today for a free quotation.

We offer are House Clearance services throughout all of Coventry  as well as covering Cubbington and the surrounding Warwickshire county.

We are fully licensed and all items are recycled with a zero to landfill operation.

Areas we cover with are House Clearance Services across Warwickshire

Coventry, Warwick, Stratford upon avon, Leamington Spa, Cubbington, Balsall Common, Meriden, Henley in Arden

To find out more about how we can help you  please click the link

EBC Waste Recycling house clearance services operate unlike any other in the local area.

In some cases, our house clearances can be free of charge this is where we apply a NO FEE full details available.

Our Key Services

  • House Clearance

  • Garage Clearance

  • House Removals

  • ​Probate Estate Clearance

  • Office Clearance

  • Factory Clearance

  • Shop Clearance

  • Loft & Attic Clearance​​

  • Storage Unit Clearance

  • Rubbish Removal

  • Single Item clearance & Removals

  • Hoarder Clearance

  • Barn & Outbuilding Clearance​​

  • Basement Clearance

Phone now on Tel: 07851 038167

House Clearance Services 
​Here at EBC Waste Recycling, we deliver professional house and commercial clearance services. We undertake all manner of clearance and de-clutter in the Coventry and Warwickshire including all surrounding areas, ranging from a simple single item removal through to full house removals.

Cheap House Clearance in Coventry and Warwickshire
Make sure that you contact us for a very competitive quote for your house clearance or removal needs. We can take care of every part of the process from start to finish.  

Waste Recycling  Warwickshire
We recycle an impressive percentage of waste collected providing Zero to landfill. We are able to achieve this higher than average recycling rate thanks to our specially trained team who will handle your clearance waste according to the type and segregate all items at the source.  ​

House Clearance in Coventry and Warwickshire
Whilst completing our clearance duties in Coventry and Warwickshire we regularly encounter unwanted furniture, electronic devices, white goods and other household items.  We also work closely with local charities where we donate items that are still in good condition or that can be easily repaired or repurposed, for all other items we only work with local licensed waste treatment facilities where cardboard, metal, wood, plastic etc are recycled in their appropriate chains. All your clearance waste will be handled, transported and disposed of in accordance with all the current waste Regulations.

We are always available and happy to tailor our services to suit our customer's requirements and always willing to help and offer sound friendly advice.

​Our House Clearing and removal Services spans quiet a large area around Coventry and Warwickshire and is waiting for your call now

​Ready To use our House Clearance Services?
Phone now on Tel: 07851 038167 for the cheapest clearance services.

House Clearance Specialists
There could be many reasons why you may be contemplating a house clearance. Maybe you have the unfortunate task of clearing a house after a family member or friend has sadly passed away, or you are downsizing your property, having a good old clear-out or even helping someone de clutter like a hoarder, elderly person or special needs. Whatever the circumstances we are here to help and assist with the flow of activities that need to be planned and sorted along the way. Here are a few guidance tips that we have collected through our years of experience in clearing properties and maybe help you get more organised and make the ordeal less stressful. 

Fixed Priced House clearance quotations
we prefer to come and view any property that requires clearing, this way we can issue our customers with a proper fixed priced quotation before any clearance work commences. The last thing we want to do, or you want to hear is, “your house clearance will cost this much more” because of certain issues arising that we could not quote for over the phone because we did not see or were aware of. This only causes bad feelings all round, and this is never a problem if we pay a site visit and view the house that is to be cleared first transparency is key for all parties involved.

Why Choose our Services?
You can rest assured that we properly take care of all waste that is collected during our house clearance service. We do not forward anything that we collect to a landfill site and operate a zero to landfill operation. Your waste will be disposed of in a responsible manner, either recycled, forwarded to our chosen charity venues or resold, so another person can benefit from future use of the unwanted item. We have full control of our operations, this way we have comfort in the knowledge that all the waste products that come through us are filtered correctly and end up at the right places.

  • House and Garage Clearance Services​

  • Free Estimates

  • Competitive Pricing-

  • Professional Service-Local Experts

  • Courteous and respectful at all times

  • Clean & Tidy

Domestic Clearance Service

  • Full Property Clearance Services

  • Flat Clearance Service

  • Small Home Clearance

  • Furniture Removal and Disposal

  • Residential Waste Clearance

  • Probate Estate Clearance

  • Loft and Attic Clearance

  • Rubbish Removal


Our House Clearance Services
Tel: 07851 038167

Are you aware that it’s your responsibility to check the people that you are employing or hiring to remove, take away your waste products and be registered with the Government Environment Agency? If any of your personal waste turns up in places where it shouldn’t be, then you may be responsible and liable to a hefty £5,000 fine or imprisonment. Fly by night and rogue house clearance and rubbish removal companies operate their criminal activities in every town throughout the UK. By fly-tipping the waste they have charged you for, all over our lovely Warwickshire countryside. You may have seen piles of rubbish strewn across  back roads and ditches or lay parking spots and even in urban areas. Please do not succumb to these criminal con-artists. If someone offers to collect your rubbish or waste at a ridiculously cheap price, then there is a good reason for this as they will not be a licensed waste carrier and they will not be paying to tip the rubbish, unlike a Government environment agency approved waste carrier like us. If in doubt  ask to see their certificate. And remember “You are liable” It could a £5,000 Fine and a Criminal Record
If you suspect or see anyone of wrongdoing, you can contact the Environment Agency on their hotline and 24 Hour number, which is 0800 80 70 60

Are they registered waste carriers?
Any house clearance company that is genuine will always hold a valid and registered upper tier waste carriers licence and registered with the Environment Agency. This legal requirement is mandatory for all businesses that carry and transport and dispose waste products, including all household waste. Our house clearance company holds this necessary paperwork and a copy is always displayed with our waste carriers registration number CBDU76010 / CBDU386216 clearly marked so you can check with the Government's Environment website that we are indeed registered waste carriers. We are quite happy to show you these credentials upon request and we carry them at all times.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you also buy items of furniture, white goods?
A: Yes we buy all manner of goods

Q: What will happen to any important or sentimental items that you find?
A: We will always bring these items to the customers attention, if you would like us to dispose of them we can do that too.

Q: How long does it usually take to clear the house normally?
A: I all depends on the size of the property in question, under most circumstances it will be completed within a day to a few days.

Q: Do I need to be present during the clearance?
A: Not necessary, we can arrange to pick up the keys from any source, including solicitors, agents, estates agents, landlords, whatever suits your purpose and helps you.

Q: Do work outside your normal working hours, such as after 5pm and weekends?
A: Yes we can accommodate with you beforehand

Q: Are you licensed and Insured?
A: Yes we are fully insured, including, liability insurance, house clearance insurance and 15 years upper tier waste carrier, dealer, brokers 

​Q: How much notice do you require?
A: Usually 2 working days, but if for some reason you have an emergency situation, please ring and I will always try to help if I can

Q: Is there anything that you are not prepared to clear?
A: We clear everything and leave the area tidy

Q: How can we pay you for your services?
A: Cash, bank transfer.

Q: What will happen if you arrive at my property and there is more or less than originally stated?
A: Under normal circumstances we would always require a viewing prior to any full house clearance. We understand that sometimes this is not possible so we can issue an over the phone quotation going by your information, but please understand that this is indeed an “estimation” If we think there is more than originally stated we will always discuss with you first and then revise our quote for your approval. This can work both ways, if there are less items than the original phone estimation may be revised to a lower cost. 

Q: Do you charge VAT?
​A: Not presently 

Q: Will you give me your guarantee that you will clear the whole of my property?
A: Yes we certainly do

Q: How much does a house clearance cost?
A: To be fair every job is different, whether it be size, difficulty or sensitivity. It’s very difficult to give a ballpark figure as we prefer to issue a fully transparent and reliable quotation once we are aware of all the variables involved.

Q: What about the items at the property that I would like to keep myself?
A: Please either move beforehand or clearly mark and place to one side. If we are not sure of any item we will always contact you for your advice before removing.

Q: I live abroad, can you deal with everything on my behalf?
A: Yes, we can do as much or as little as you require, we are well versed in dealing with probate, solicitors, estate agents and landlords. 

Q: If there, happens to be cars, boats or any other large items involved in a clearance, can you help with those too?
A: Yes we can and have done so many times before for our clients. Whatever the item, size or value we can assist you in the removal of these items in a lot of cases unlocking value for you.

Q: Are you licensed waste carriers?
A: Yes we are licensed to carry waste in the local area.

Q: Do you donate to local charities in the local area?
A: Yes we have a various network of charities that we donate certain items to on a regular basis.

Q: Can you issue me with a quotation over the phone?
A: Yes but this will always be estimated until we can view the job.

Loft & Attic Clearance

Do you require a loft or attic clearance in the Coventry and Warwickshire area?
If so, we can visit your property or commercial building and completely clear all the unwanted items, loose debris from these often inaccessible, somewhat dangerous and awkward places to get to. If this is a service that interests you and you would like to have your loft or attic cleared of junk and rubbish then contact us now for a quotation.

Probate Estate Clearance

As an experienced company we fully understand the problems that arise through the difficult time a family faces with the bereavement and loss of a family member or friend. This is why we provide private sympathetic support with our probate house clearance service.

We can assist you and your family members throughout this stressful time with our full probate house clearance service. This can take the strain from yourselves as we take care of all the de cluttering and removal of unwanted articles and goods. We can include a selection of services, including a complete estates clearance, any valuations of items within the property that need to be sold or auctioned and rubbish removal and recycling of certain materials. 

Basement Clearance

​Our basement clearance experts in Coventry and Warwickshire and Surrounding areas can perform a professional full basement clearance service at your discretion, and remove all the items upon your request. Anything from personal possessions, carpets, discarded white household appliances, old electrical equipment, and any other clutter, junk and household rubbish that you may need to be cleared. Here at EBC Waste Recycling House Clearance Services, you are always guaranteed a special tailored service like no other. Our clearance staff are specially trained as basement clearance operatives. This assures you that they have the means and the correct skillsets, knowledge and experience to clear out your home and basement quickly and always with respect.

Are You Downsizing?

There are ​many reasons for downsizing into a smaller property. Whatever your reason you can count on EBC Waste Recycling House Clearance Services to make the transition go smoothly. We can move all your personal belongings safely and securely to your new location.
Maybe your family has grown up and moved away and you are thinking about moving into a smaller type of property, house or flat. Many people as they get older feel like they don't need a large house any more and would be more happy in bungalow or a small ground level apartment. All depending on your circumstances we are only a phone call away and would be happy to help you make your downsizing and move a pleasurable experience. Phone for details and book our services on: 07851 038167  

Furniture Clearance

Many charity shops are not taking in larger items like furniture at present due to the current pandemic. If you have any furniture that needs clearing or deemed in good sale able condition, then please give us a call. Depending on your circumstances, it could be that you want to make space in your home as it's becoming cramped or you are moving to a smaller residence and the furniture doesn't fit. Call: 07851 038167  

House Clearance for Estate Agents, Landlords, and Solicitors.

Preparing any property before a sale or letting is a crucial part of the process that will guarantee the handover to a client go swiftly and smoothly. But as you probably already know, clearing a property isn’t always as easy as you imagined. And, once a property becomes vacant and available once more, it becomes an absolute priority for a house clearance service, to clear out and clean the house, fast and efficiently, and have the house back on the market, sold or rented out, so it once again brings in revenue. EBC Waste Recycling House Clearance Services are the best and most professional company in the area to call for all your clearance needs.

Specialist Clearance Services

Do you have previous tenants that have now vacated a property? Maybe left the premises in a mess? and now it needs it needs clearing of all the left over furniture and waste products.

We can provide our specialist house clearance and rubbish clearance services and have your rental property back so its ready, cleared and suitable for that new tenant to move in.

Estate Agents and Letting Agents 
Do you have a current property that is to be sold or auctioned? Does it require our professional clearance services beforehand? 

If so we can remove everything for you so you can make that sale faster. Quick and rapid turn around, fully insured and licenced registered waste carriers.

Probate Solicitor or Executor
If you have a case of an owner of a property that has unfortunately passed away and there’s is waste and unwanted items still in the property that need clearing away, then give us a call  we can help remove and dispose of all the rubbish, furniture and electrical white goods. Also we can value any individual items for you, if needed.

Residential Home Manager
If you are the manager or owner of a residential home in Nottingham or Derby and a resident passes away unfortunately or decides to move out, then our specialist clearance services can clear the single room or an entire residence if need be. We are always discreet and respectful.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional House Clearance Service

For most home owners and businesses and many different reasons, it can be very difficult, inconvenient, and a great burden for them to attempt a house clearance. Also, not to mention the health and safety aspects involved in the moving of heavy and cumbersome objects such as furniture and large electrical appliances. This is why it’s a good idea, and safer alternative to hire a professional house clearance service, rather than trying to handle everything by yourself!. The whole process can be hassle free! and safe by calling on the professionals. Less risk, less damage and peace of mind.

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional House Clearance Service

1: Health & Safety:
There can be many health and safety issues during a house clearance, such as relocating heavy and bulky furniture and awkward electrical white goods, not to mention hazardous liquids and materials that could pose a health risk if not handled correctly by trained operatives. Our professional house clearance specialists have many years of experience and have built up a reputation in the local Shrewsbury and Shropshire area. Let us take the strain and remove all the health and safety risks for you.

2: Hassle Free and Time Saving:
There is also the concept of efficiency and time saving that comes into play during a house clearance project. Because we do this type of work all the time we are therefore more efficient at the task, and we will save you money. We have the necessary equipment and tools to clear a property swiftly and without all the hassle. We can usually totally clear a property within a day to few days depending on size and contents, including segregating all the different items that need to be recycled, moved to an associated charity, go to the local tip, or be moved to storage etc. We are a highly organised outfit that will save you time, so you can get back to the things you enjoy doing! So leave the house clearance to us!

3: Efficient Waste Recycling:
Entrusting a professional house clearance service is the key to removing bulky and hazardous items from your home. With their expertise, they will ensure that everything gets reused or recycled in an efficient manner and we run a strict zero to landfill policy and only tip and waste transfer stations that provide this- giving you one less thing to worry about!

4: Clearance of all Items:
Living in a cluttered home can be overwhelming and exhausting, but with the help of house clearance companies those worries are taken care of! The staff will rid you of any unwanted items, from furniture, electronics, antiques and art pieces. With this process sorted out for you all that's left is supervision as hard working house clearance operatives take on the job at hand. What an easy way to improve your living space, downsize your property, or just clear a house in general. You can be rest assured that we take everything!

EBC waste Recycling House Clearance Services in Coventry and Warwickshire
House Clearance with a difference
We can purchase some of your Items and offset against the cost of the clearance and in some instances can do a NO FEE Clearance

Call for details!
Tel: 07851 038167

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